The Gulf of Marnagzhufan

This is the only section of the vast Vidakos Ocean where the waters do not rage on. Originally a large crater on the face of Terah, the exterior wall faced The Vidakos Ocean. After years of being constantly baraged by the waters, the rock wall gave way and the crater was filled full of water. The water continued to push forth however, and soon broke free yet again forming The Great River Gorge.

A combination of this and the curvature of the land at it’s opening has caused the waters within the gulf to be relatively calm and easy for travel. In fact, roughly traslated, the gulf’s name means “to stop rapid water.” This, along with The Great River Gorge, are the only areas where the people of Terah can savely receive water from The Vidakos Ocean.

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The Gulf of Marnagzhufan

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