The Great River Gorge

When The Gulf of Marnagzhufan broke forth into a deep valley within The Falgern Mountains, the water began to cut a path across the world of Terah. This was possibley the most definitive action to happen in the world of Terah, causing massive changes to every civilization except for the elves.

In fact, Terah was lucky indeed for such a disaster to happen in the dwarven homeland as no other civilization could have constructed the bridges necessary to cross over the raging waters so quickly. The Dwarves moved fast within the following months and soon constructed a sturdy and reliable bridge for transporting goods. As the Gorge expanded to the south, they were called several more times to build bridges for the other civilizations.

Despite the decline in the river’s erosion effects, the valley still grows larger by only a few feet every year. This information is only known to a select few who believe this continued erosion will one day split Terah in half. Most of the population will argue that this is simply over-exagerrations and that there is no need to worry.

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The Great River Gorge

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