The Falgern Mountains

These northern mountains are homes to the dwarves, which explains constitutes for the Dwarven neame to everything within it’s area, with the name of the mountains themselves traslating to “Stone Stronghold”. They have lived here for years deep within the mountains, even before The Great River Gorge forged it’s way between them. The dwarves are typically not afraid to travel forth and interact with the rest of Terah, but with the mountains spreading along the inside of The Gulf of Marnagzhufan, it has allowed for some of the less social dwarven colonies to settle deep within the mountains and receive their food and water without having to leave thier colony.

The mountain range stretches across the entire northern coast of Terah passing The Swamps of Ruurg and covering the Grimmazilieoch Peninsula.

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The Falgern Mountains

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