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1. Cauchemar:

Item Received (Rings of Nightmare): A pair of rings which when both worn makes the wearer’s natural weapons treated as if having the bursting magical enhancement.

2. Spellgaunt:

Item Recieved(Adamantine Weapons): The saliva concoction can be used to take any set of steel weapons and make them into adamantine weapons.

3. Dragons:


There are five dragons (Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White) living in the lands of Terah. Kill all five and bring me their scales.

Reward: Their scales are as thick as steel.

Difficulty: 14 16 and up.

Item Recieved (So far): +1 Dragonscale Armor ( +1 banded mail) with resistance of 4 to poison damage.

4. BattleBriar:

Item Received (Belt of Thorns): The wearer of this belt receives resitance of 5 against lightning and fire attacks. Also, once per day, they may activate the belt to unleash a ring of thorns which hits all enemies in adjacent spaces. This attack deals 8d6 damage (Reflex halves). The dc = caster level + str. mod. Once this attack is used the wearer does not receive his lighting and fire resitance until the thorns have regenerated and are able to be shot out once again.

5. Sorrowsworn Demon:

Item Recieved(Band of Telepathy): This silver circlet allows the user the ability to speak telepathically up to 100ft as a free action. (Will Save = 10 + ½ caster level + Cha. Mod. : Successful will save negates) Passing the save prevents anyone from talking to you in this manor for the next 24 hours. On a failed save your enemy receives a -4 to all mind effecting spells or you receive a +6 to any skill check where this ability would aid the user.

6. Nightcrawler:


Roaming the Eastern Plains of Telara is a massive black behemoth. The worm strikes from under the earth and with it’s massive size it has been feeding quite a bit. King Rayor himself has placed this bounty as he does not wish for the beast to interfere with his troops movements. I however am always in it for my own means. Find this creature and bring me one of the poisonous sacs from within it’s stomach, but be aware that the poison goes dry once the creature is killed, and I need those sacs fresh. You might have to dig down deep for this one, if you catch my drift.

Reward: The poisonous effects of those glands would bring most men to their knees.

Difficulty: 18, but getting the glands themselves is going to be a bit trickier.

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Bounty Board

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