Origins of Magic

The Lich King Morlydd

Day 5

After having managed to stay undisturbed in their sleep, the party continued to search the castle. They opened the door to a very disturbing sight. Two large skeletal like creatures, still holding to some of their musculatory system. Their hands were massive and the bones of their fingers were several feet long, earning them the name boneclaw. Along with the creatures there was yet another large orb in the center of the room.

After defeating the enemies, the party decided to destroy the orb as well. If they were all connected to holding something shut, whether to keep something in or keep something out, it was commonly agreed that they would have to get in. Heinrich brought his sword down onto the orb shattering it, and causing it to explode in a bright light that burnt his skin. For the other two orbs, the quicker of the two fighters, Moultager, completed the task and avoided any burns.

With the orbs cleared there was only one other door to check on the first floor. Opening the door revealed a small hallway which, judging by the off-colored walls, appeared to be trapped as well. Sending more of his nature’s allies, Urd revealed that the floor triggered jets in the wall which ejected fire throughout the hallway.

As the group thought on how to pass through, Heinrich took a running leap and landed himself just inside of the fire, getting singed slightly before finding himself on the other end of the hall. This was all they needed to see to know that the hall would not be passable by such means.

Continuing to think they soon decided to use the tables from the main dining hall as a temporary barrier. Once both walls were covered, they rushed through and made it to the other side just as the tables burst into flames and the hall was filled with fire once again.

Opening the door found them in the castles Eastern tower, which, as was expected was filled with more zombies and skeletons. Literally fighting there way up the steps to the second floor, they found, you guessed it, more zombies and skeletons. Once they dispatched them all they noticed that the stairwell continued up onto the roof. They opted to check this out before continuing on to the second floor.

At the top of the stairs there was a small loft which contained a rather beaten up wooden door. Looking through the cracks they saw a giant zombie minotaur standing guard in front of a set of large double doors, which looked to be in very good condition given the surroundings. Also on the door were six small orbs embedded within the desing on the wood, yet only three of the six were glowing.

It was clear then that there must be three other orbs for them to do away with, so they were oiff to the second floor. There were plenty more zombies, skeletons, and even boneclaws to do away with, as well as an orb in the first room, but it seemed as if these boneclaws were smarter than they looked. The first one was guarding the orb and, after the orb was shattered by Moultager, it began to slowly move back away from his attackers, until he was near a door in the back of the room. He pounded on the door just before Moultager could crack his skull.

They began exploring for a way around, hoping to avoid the possible ambush, but the only way around was another trapped hallway, only the castle floor had given way, leaving it nearly impassable. Sending more animal companions revealed two large pillars that shot out parrallel to the floor from one side of the hall to the other.

This was nothing to deter the great Heinrich though, who was more full of himself than brains. He took a running start and leapt across the gap, but found himself blasted by the defense system, not by just one, but both pillars, which stopped his momentum dead and sent him freefalling to main dining hall below. Miraculously still alive, he traveled back to meet with the party, only partially charred by the fire trap below.

They decided that it was ultimately not worth it to try and cross the gap, and instead went back to the previously knocked upon door. Heinrich was the first to enter and he entered to an immediate barage of arrows, boneclaws, and zombies. Being a tough s.o.b. he shrugged off the pain and the group powered through the ambush, returning them all to the graves that they sprung free from.

In the center of the room was the fifth orb. Moultager shattered it, and they moved towards the door on the other side of the room. Heinrich blasted through the door but found the room to be empty except for the last orb was in the center of the room, but all of the undead had been cleared out for the ambush, or they assumed that was the reasoning. He entered and easily destroyed the final orb.

The last room of the second floor was in front of them and curiosity had the better of them. They opened the door to reveal nothing but more undead. Just as the creatures turned to look at them, they slammed the door shut and moved back to the third floor landing.

Looking through the crack again they were able to see that the orbs in the door were no longer glowing. It was time to deal with the minotaur. They opened the door and it jerked it’s head directly towards them. It chraged fourth plowing through the team and knocking those in front onto their rear ends; however, this was the full extent of it’s attack as it was soon surrounded and beaten to death, mostly thanks to Heinrich.

The party moved, coiled and ready to strike, behind the large doors. They knew the Lich King Morlydd would be waiting on the other side of that door, and they would have to dispose of him then quickly destroy his phalactry to prevent him from coming back to life.

As things often have been for our heros, they were soon to be dissapointed. They swung open the door ready to battle only to find Marcaus standing in the room behind the Lich King. Beside him was a stone statue which had been broken into pieces and in his hands was the Lich’s phalactry.

He smirked at them. “I’ve been waiting for you. Although, you have taken some time and I’m afraid I’m behind schedule now. Do try to enjoy yourselves without me.” His words were short and brief and then he was gone, seemingly teleported away, with the phalactry. As if on cue the Lich fired off a blast of energy, hitting Kylin directly in the chest and turning him into dust. Urd was forced to use the first charge on the staff: that made 19 left.

They pushed through the door, but he created spiderwebs along the floor to slow their movement. The games didn’t end as Moultager got close and he created several images of himself, confusing the not so intelligent half-orc. Urd put an end to this with a mighty gust of air which toppled all of his fake projections. With Moultager breathing down his back he knew he had to escape and teleported himself outside of the room.

It was on the open roof that he met his demise. Moultager followed after using a dimensional door, and Urd quickley surrounded him in fire. The Lich gave one last swipe in desperation, trying to drain life from Moultager, but his attack fell short and Moultager delivered one final punch to knock him back off of the roof and falling down the open Eastern tower. As he hit the floor his body turned to dust and flew throught the air, headed back to his phalactry.


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