The Plains of Telara

The Central lands of Terah spanning from the Southeast, over The Great River Gorge, up to the northwest. These lands have always been considered the melting pot of the Terah, where all the races form together. The humans are certainly the predominant race here, and the leaders in these lands, being that it was their original settlement.

In the start it was kept by rule over one king, but when The Great River Gorge formed, causing new problems for transporting goods, they felt it was best to divide into different monarchy’s. Istantia stayed as capital of the eastern lands and a castle was built where The Swamps of Ruurg now exist.

Leadership was kept within one family, as the younger brother of the current king of Istantia, King Morlydd, was given power over the western lands. His reign did not last long and soon they built a new castle in Amaryllis, making it the new capital city of the western lands. A new king was appointed and both monarchy’s did everything they could to forget about King Morlydd. It is often far from thought that the monarchy’s of these lands are seperate, as on all occasions they tend to act as one.

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The Plains of Telara

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