This orc capital, within The Swamps of Ruurg, is the location of the orc leader, Shump. The village, although below most normal standards, has wares for the warrior that cannot be found in any other location. After the most recent attacks by Marcaus, the town has been put on lockdown for most outsiders, althought the party has shown their worth in hunting down Marcaus and have been given approval for free travel. Most villagers will not worry of the parties presence either, due to their showings at the arena. The bard; however, will not be likely to make any friends here.

Krusk was the first city which fell during the rampage of King Rayor. The town was burnt to the ground, by defensive actions of the orcs, and most of it’s inhabitants were taken prisoner. They were broken out of the dungeons in Istantia within 48 hours of their improsonment.

Due to the elaborate tunnels which freed them the party believes it to be the actions of Marcaus, but the king believes it is his brother, King Dynard, showing his dissaproval of the invasion of Krusk. King Dynard has since shown no knowledge of the proceedings and none of the captured orcs have been seen since.

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