Sir Gareth

The general to the King Rayor.


Sir Gareth is the fiercest knight in the eastern Plains of Telara. There are none who have stood toe to toe against his blade and not fallen.


Gareth has served King Rayor for many years. He has earned himself quite the name under the king’s orders and has worked his way through the ranks to now stand as the king’s right hand man. Due to the party’s trickery he holds great resentment towards them, especially the bard. It would be best to steer clear of his path in the future.

During his recent involvements with the king, he has begun to grow suspicious of his actions which seem to lead to a great want for all out war across Terah. He attempted to persuade Sigmund into the same believes, but Sigmund seems to be in agreeance with the king. It is possible he is out for vengenace for his captivity.

Gareth’s last interaction with the party was to stop them before they escaped the castle, defying the king’s direct order to kill them all. This was stopped by Sigmund who soon decided that it was impossible to stop them and he must kill them. Gareth defended the party and in the act gave his life so that they could escape.

He has since reappeared, shortly after the disappearance of King Dynard, due to a contingency spell which he had convinced Sigmund to cast prior to the party arriving at the castle. He has drafted the party to aid him in revealing King Rayor as an imposter.

Sir Gareth

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