Orc leader in the town of Krusk.


A fierce warrior as with any Orc. He does not rule through Charismatic means, but by his sheer fighting ability.


Ordered the death of Marcaus after he murdered several villagers and guards in Krusk. Marcaus escaped before this execution and Shump wishes to have him returned to complete the execution. Enjoys the ingenuity of the party’s fighting capabilites, even if he does believe the bard to be a bit dishonorable in his means.

After several accusations from King Rayor, Sir Gareth, and the party that he is working for Marcaus, he finally takes out his frustration at such dishonorable claims by attacked Gareth and his group of men sent to his throne room. This leads to a counterattack by King Rayor and the destruction of Krusk.

Shump is captured and taken to Istantia to be imprisoned. He is soon broken out and has since been unheard.


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