The supposed leader behind the unknown clan that has captured the Archmage.


Marcaus is a dualwielding fighter. He carries a rapier and a whip, and fights looking to cause more of an inconvenience then harm, continually tripping his opponents time and time again. In frustration Marcaus has revealed a secret weapon of sorts which he kept hidden behind his back as a last precaution. We all know the weapon today to be a submachine gun, but those in Terah have no names for such things.


Was rescued from the Ogre village, but since then has shown amazing signs of increased ability and skills. Believed to be the leader of the unkown cult which has captured the archmage. He has traveled across the world with the archmage and has now obtainedKing Morlydd’s phylactory and taken control of him.

His mannerisms are far from polite and he seems to treat most he encounters as nothing but an inconvenience to his overall mission. Has been studying all forms of magic, although it is unclear why.

While the party fought to free themselves from the king’s dungeon Marcaus had his men erect a rather large fortress to the Southeast of Istantia. It is unsure how such a large structure was built in mere days.

During the fortress raid Marcaus revealed himself to be far beyond the technologies of the world of Terah. Now more than ever, his origin remains unclear, but his allies have revealed that they are here to steal Terah’s magic.


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