Lich King (Morlydd)

The once great king of the North Western Planes of Telara who has long since lost his sanity.


The lich king fights like any other lich, except with Marcaus having control over his phylactery the lich will do exactly what Marcaus tells him too, regardless of the endagerment it may cause to his own person.


King Morlydd was once a powerful king, who controled the entire North Western Plains of Telara. As time continued his greed for power soon overtook him and he demanded more and more magical prowress. In time the lands around him began to deteriorate and he found his own body doing the same. Through attempts to prolong his life he morphed into the Lich King Morlydd or as he is more commonly referred to, The Lich King.

The lands around his castle turned to The Swamps of Ruurg and the castle itself began to fall. The Lich King stayed within his castle constantly studying to learn as much as possible. Soon the Orc’s moved in, creating Krusk, and took control over the lands around him. They do not bother him, and he does not bother them. It is their unspoken agreement.

Lich King (Morlydd)

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