King Vicros

The son of King Rayor


A boy at the age of only 16. Not yet having matured he acts without full thought, as most children of his age would do. He is an athletic child, but is by no means trained in the ways of the warrior.


Unknown to his father, When Vicros was born his mother sent him to the town of Lyle to live under a foster family. She wished for him to never have to live the life of a King as she feared that the responsiblities which would be laid upon him would be too much.

Now with the death of King Rayor, she pulled her son out of hiding. She never wanted it for him, but she could not stand to see all the work that her husband had put in, washed away by another who did not wish to avenge his death. Vicros has sworn in to the crown and now continues the war his father started, only he follows it out with much more purpose.

King Vicros

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