King Rayor

The King of the eastern Plains of Telara.


A fierce fighter at a much younger age, he has since grown frailer due to a lack of training. As he grew into the monarchy he focused more on his learnings and diplomatic endeavors.


King Rayor is a very respected man. Having served the throne for many years, now in his 34th year as king, he has earned an amazing reputation for himself. He is considered a very kind and reasonable man, but his tolerance for unlawful or evil acts knows litle bounds. Those in his lands who serve him do so with undying devotion.

Upon Sir Gareth’s return to Istantia, King Rayor fully expected Sigmund to have returned shortly thereafter. After days passed and he still had not return, King Rayor demanded the presence of Sir Gareth. It is safe to assume that he finds the party to be in cahoots with Marcaus.

This assumption is confirmed and thwarted at the same time as the party meets with King Rayor for the first time. The group is then put under direct order of the King and sent on dip0lomatic endeavors to speak with the leader of the orcs, Shump. This lead to the assualt on and destruction of Krusk.

Things have only escalated as King Rayor believed his older brother, King Dynard, to be working against him. Rayor allows his sibling rivalry lead to an all out war dispite the protest of Gareth.

He has recently drafted the halflings to serve him in the war. Due to his misconstrued knowledge of the problems which formed The Hestas Desert and Lake Glenburg, when he was personally involved in aiding the reconstructions after these disasters, Gareth believes that Rayor may have been replaced with a double, although he was unable to detect any kind of magical effects.

King Rayor

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