Origins of Magic

What is it Good For?

Day 9

  • Man in the main hall is a messenger from King Dynard.
  • Says that the Swamps are part King Dynard’s territory and that King Rayor had no right to invade them the way he did. Wants the Orc’s to be returned immediatly. Says that he won’t like what happens if he refuses.
  • King Rayor flips out and refuses to give in to his older brother’s demands. Sends the messenger away.
  • A large explosion is heard in the basement where the rest of the party is guarding over Shump. The explosions come from the outside walls of the dungeon. The rooms are filled with dust and Heinrich is left on the floor gasping for air.
  • When the dust finally settles they find that the prison cells are completely empty. All of the orcs in exterior facing cells have been broken out, through massive tunels dug through the earth.
  • Urd gives chase through the tunnels and finds extremely odd tracks going through the tunnel, much like the treads we ould see in today’s world. The tracks seem to end immediately after they break free from the tunnel.
  • The King is called down and he is completely outraged by these actions. He takes it as an action from his older brother, given their recent interactions. It is unsure whether he believes this has anything to do with Marcaus, but he wishes to attack none the less.
  • He sends for you the following day and says that he had orders for you to attack the village of Thorngage. A small town residing directly on the other side of the Great River Gorge. He tells you to kill all of the guards there and reclaim the villge as your own, but to not harm the civilians in any way. He gives you a note to tke with you:
    “Attention villagers of Thorngage. This village is now officially under the rule of King Rayor. You may notice slight changes throughout the following months, but please rest assured that your safety is still intact. We do not wish to disturb your way of life or cause you any discomfort. Rest assured that you are now in much better hands. Your new King. King Rayor.”
  • Urd refuses to go to the village and kill innocent people for one king’s sibling rivaly. They rest of the group decides orers are orders and begin their journey to Thorngage. Urd stays behind to plead with the King.
  • His rgument fall on deaf ears as the king refuses to change his stance. Urd decides he must stop this himself and sends a carrier pidgeon to Edward stating that the attack has been called off.
  • The group waits for Urd and when they meet up Edward immediately questions Urd on the matter. It is clear to see that he is lying. The group, through much argument, decides to go forward with the attack.
  • Urd decides that this still cannot be done and morphs into a bird, tking the quickest path to Thorngage. He arrives before everyone else and waits to meet with the lord for only a short time due to the urgency he hs expressed.
  • He warns them of the coming attack and Lord Aleesso quickly calls for backup. Over two dozen of the king’s men are sent in as reinforcement’s, over tripling the town’s forces.
  • Urd meets back up with the party a few miles outside of the town. He tells them wht he has one and pleads with them to stand down. Heinrich still refuses to o so believing they can still fufill their duty.
  • Finally a woman appears before them. She informs them that they are all growing tired of their babbling. She tells them that King Dynard wihes to see them. She teleports the party to the king’s throne room.
  • He thanks Estwynn, his archamge, for bringing the group to him and tells the party to inform him of why his brother is doing what he is doing. Some are resilient to talk but edward can’t resist telling a good story.
  • Once he is caught up to date he decides that they must find a way to prevent this all out war. He makes Heinrich the new Lord of Thorngage, and pulls out all of his men from the city to stage it as a takeover. The party must keep their connections with the King so tht they know his next move.
  • They live in Thorngage for several weeks before Rayor sends replacements and tells them to led a march across the northern bridge, through dwarven lands and into King Dyard’s land.
  • You meet with King Dynard and form a plan to destroy his army s they move across the bridge. None are to survive and you are to return to King Rayor to report of the assault. He is to believe the war cannot be won, and hopefully he will stand down.
  • The party leads the group across the bridge an together with the dwarves they ambush them, pinching their forces on the bridge. Urd falls in the battle, (Staff of True Resurection Count: 14) but they still manage to overwhelm King Rayor’s forces and kill every last one of them.
  • To occupy their time they decide to collect the last bounty on the bounty board: The Sorrowsworn Demon. They travel to the village of Glenburg and travel in and out of the Hestas Desert for several days before finally encountering the demon.
  • The battle is intense and most are mentally incapacitated due to the mental images that the Demon projects. The only one not thrown for a loop is Edward who barely manages to survive long enough to defeat the demon.
  • Most of the party dies in the battle, including T-I-Double-G-ER II. They return to Glenburg victorious as Edward drags the body of the defeated Sorrosworn Demon behind him. He strings the Demon up in the center of town.
  • When the terrified villagers realize that the deomn is dead they declare Edward as their savior and Edward proclaims himself as the leader of Glenburg.
  • Urd takes the time to regain another animal companion, whom she dubs T-I-Double-G-ER III.
  • They return to Istantia and await the King’s orders.


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