Origins of Magic

The Chaos and A Theory

Day 11

  • King Dynard suggests the group travel to Audhild to confirm the involvement of King Rayor and to clean out any troops which might remain. King Nurik provided them help and they should repay the favor. He decides, through protest of Estwynn, that he will accompany you.
  • Entering the city it is in complete and total rubble. Buildings are collapsed and burning, bodies lie in the street. They find King Rayor with a small group of men in the center of town. He and King Dynard exchange words before Rayor decides to walk away.
  • King Dynard easily slashes through Rayor’s defensive line. Rayor begins running, but Dynard throws his sword knocking him to the ground. Dynard pounces onto Rayor, but as he does the two are instantly teleported away.
  • The remaining men are uneasy, but their commanding officer demands them to reform the line. The party fights off the forces and and as Kylin cast his first spell it is taken out of the air as a mage appears from behind the rubble on their left. As he does a small group of halflings jump out with him and ambush the party. Another group appears on the right as Edward attempts to cast a spell of his own.
  • The battle is intense and the party barely survives with Kylin, T-I-Double-G-ER, and Edward falling in the battle. Edward goes to a beautiful place where all bard’s go in death.
  • Estwynn teleports in after not being able to shake an uneasy feeling. Her feelings are confirmed when she sees the group. She brings Kylin and Edward back, despite Edwards better wishes.
  • She attempts to scry Dynard when she hears he has disappeared but she is completely unable to reach him. She takes the party back to the castle and tells them they are to tell absolutely noone about King Dynard’s absence. It may cause a panic amongst the people.
  • Urd fills in for the King with her shapeshifting abilities. They rest up for the day as Estwynn tries to think of what they are to do.
  • The following day when you meet she says that the best motive is to confront King Nurik and let him know what is happening. From there she suggests you find out what King Rayor has held over the head of the halflings. If you can figure that out, perhaps you can reverse it.
  • As you prepare to leave the doors to the throne room burst open and a man stumbles in and falls to the ground. The party rushes over and turns him face up to find it to be Sir Gareth. Urd immediately uses all spells at her disposal to bring him back to full health.
  • He informs the group that he is glad to see they got out alive. He was attempting to stop them without killing them and they didn’t make that possible for him. He knew something was up with King Rayor and he wanted their assistance in checking in on his suspicions. He survived only through convincing Sigmund to cast a contingency spell as an extra caution were something unfortunate to happen to him.
  • He tells them that Rayor’s information on the history of the halflings and all of the natural disasters that they were involved in seemed slightly off. It wasn’t so much that his facts were incorrect, but that they were misconstrewed as if given through multiple retellings of the events, instead of through first hand accounts as it was for him. Rayor dealt with helping the halflings rebuild. He should have known the facts.
  • Gareth says that he was unable to detect any magical effects that would have proved their to be an imposter. He says that after talking to Nurik they go after Rayor himself. It’s the quickest way to end the war.


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