Origins of Magic

The Battle of Torderk

Day 12

  • The party first met together ion the town of Thorngage with the belive this would be where Rayor assembled his troops. Indeed His mass army did gather here, before making their march towards the Dwarven Village.
  • Rayor and a few of his high guards stayed behind in discussion as the party crept up on the village. With the element of surprise and the underestimation of Marcaus the party quickly destroyed his men and Moultager advance on the King. Although Moultager soon found him self on the ground looking down the barrel of a shotgun. He tried to move but was filled full of buckshot before Rayor grasp the ring on his hand and was gone.
  • Unable to chase after the King the party moved to Torderk to inform the King of the army’s mass. Over the next two days they prepared greatly for the arrival of Rayor’s army. On the final day before the battle they partied with the dwarves with much drinking and shennanigans. Moultager, Heinrich, and Edward found themselves in some amusing antics with a bar room dancer.
  • Kylin wandered out from the bar, deep in thought of the day to come. A voice caught him off guard. One of Marcaus’ man. He made an offer for Kylin to join up and switcch over to the winning side. Kylin gave no answer one way or the other and the man was gone.
  • The following day the group was sent as backup behind the gate in the case of a break in. Innevitabley the wall did fall to the ten’s of thousands in Rayor’s army. As they breached through the party did all they could to hold back the army, but the push was too strong. Soon Gareth burst in telling the party to pull back and defend the city hall.
  • The army continued to push now rolling battlements filled with soldiers up to the city hall. The group fought off the first wave of battlements before the door to the city hall burst out and men with m-16’s came forging out. The group managed to fight off these men before storming back into the city hall to protect the mayor.
  • As they arrove into the main hall they found the mayor on his knees in front of Rayor. Rayor held the same weapon he had earlier to the back of the mayor’s head. The party tried to stop him, but before they could he blew the mayor’s head off. They attempted to reason with him and now why he was doing this and in the process Kylin outed his own actions the previous night. Rayor’s last words were. “See you in Istantia.” before he Grabbed his ring and was gone again.
  • Kylin teleported the party and the mayor’s body within the chamber of King Nurik. Heinrich was in the midst of an intense argument with Kylin not believing that Kylin was still 100% on their side. This argueing and the sight of his dead mayor cause Nurik to burst forward and throw the group out of his thrown room.
  • Edward had had enough. To be yelled at for another failure, as he believed was the reasoning was too much. He left the castle chanting “I’m done all the way.” Urd wild shaped into a bird and flew out the window headed to istantia. Kylin teleported away to Port Ilia to seek his own new life. While Heinrich and Moultager made the decision to head back to the town of Thorngage.


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