Origins of Magic

Run for Your Lives.

Day 10

  • The group is immediately met by Estwynn who offers her congradulations then immeiatly blast you all with a fireball. Before arms are raised she informs you that it has to look real. Charred and btered the group teleports to the King’s chamber.
  • He is conversing with Sigmund nd Gareth at the time although Gareth’s face does not seem to be a happy one. The King asked what happened during his march tht has left you in such condition.
  • The party informs him of the attack and he replies:
    “They killed all of my men? Apparently he has no idea who he’s dealing with. This demands swift and direct retaliation.”
  • As he says this two men with tower shields enter behind them, blocking them into the king’s chamber. King Rayor says he never wishes to see the group agin before he telports out of the room. Gareth and Sigmund immediately ready to fight.
  • The party bull rushes out the door blasting through the men with tower shields and they begin to run out through the door.
  • Sigmund quickley puts a dimensional lock on Kylin, preventing the party from teleporting away. More guards come to block their path and Kylin cast a wall of force preventing Gareth from exiting the throne room. Kylin attempts to block off Sigmund as well, but is hit with a powerful spell that leaves him stunned and motionless.
  • The group grabs hold of him and rushes him down the hallway. Gareth breaks free from the wall and calls forth his mount from the celestial plains, but a few well placed fire seeds as mines makes short of his horse.
  • With their enemies semingly behind them, they turn the corner to find Sigmund and a small group of men standing between them and the steps. Moultager makes a dash and tries to lunge past him, but is instantly teleported back to the center of the room as he does.
  • They decide they have to fend off their attackers before they can move forward. Using many summons, the group manages to hold off Gareth and Sigmund long enough to kill the other troops.
  • They begin to make their way down the steps, after dispeling the teleporttion circle on them. Gareth turns the corner just as they are making their way down. He tosses a vial at Sigmund which explodes and sends sigmund flying through the wall behind him. He turns to Urd and tells her to run now.
  • The group uns away as Gareth is blasted with seveal meteors from Sigmund. He immediately replies with another vial pulled from his side that sends Sigmund to the ground again. The last image is Sigmund walking forward surrounded by a swarm of insects.
  • The party continues their way through the castle in a not so dramatic fashion, managing to easily kill the rest tht tand in their way. The main lobby is empty leaving a bad feeling for them.
  • They exit out the front door quickley to find Sigmund still surrounded by a swarm of insects. Several other guards stand at a distance behind him surrounding the party at all sides. They try to concoct an escape as Sigmund begins slowly stepping forward with a grin on his face.
  • Next thing they now they are suddenly standing in King Dyard’s Castle, and Kylin shows up with Estwyn a few minutes after. She informs them that she was the one who teleported them out, using the abilities of time stop.
  • The King decides tht his brother will not back down and a war is being brought on them whether he likes it or not. The group is told to rest up at the suite in the town inn and that they will return in the morning to the king to discuss their next mode of action.
  • The party attempts to scry Gareth, but receives no reply.
  • The following morning they are called to the King with much urgncy. Once there he informs them that the small Dwarven town of Audhild has been completely slaughtered, peasants and all.


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