Origins of Magic

Diplomacy is Dead

Day 8

  • The party returns to King Rayor to see if he has received any new word on Sir Gareth. The king tells them that he has not, but that he expects he should be back at any time.
  • Kylin decides to scry Gareth and see where he might be. He sees that Gareth is moving very quickly on horseback. Gareth’s hands are stained with blood. Kylin manages to effective teleport the group to his location based on the visions he has seen.
  • Edward is the only one who is able to catch up to Gareth on horseback. Gareth swings his sword at Edward’s head as he approaches next to the horse, unaware of who is running beside him. Edward attempts to find out what is going on, but Gareth grabs hold of him and pulls him on top of the horse saying that he cannot stop now.
  • They ride all the way back to istantia, where they meet up with the others. Gareth explains that they tried to get an answer from Shump and whenever he continued to deny the accusations, they threatened that it could lead to war. Shump did not take kindly to this and told them to leave immediately.
  • Before leaving Gareth demanded for Shump to come clean, but his words struck Shump the wrong way. He refused to allow them to coninue to batter the names of the orcs and he ordered for all of hem to be killed.
  • Gareth managed to escape the assualt but his six men were all killed in the fight.
  • The King ordered for Sir Gareth and the party to lead a battalion of 200 men to attack the village of Krusk and punish them for what they have done. Urd and Gareth are both resilient to follow these orders, but Gareth says he must obey his king.
  • They make the move against Krusk and once they get close Gareth informs the party that once the fight has broken out they will teleport into Shump’s throne room and confront him directly.
  • They Orc’s ambush the people at the main gate, with several archers standing on the top of the town walls. They dump down hot oil and burn others. The army charges into the village barroling through this attack and the fire as the orc’s ignite the oil.
  • Gareth gives Kylin the order and they travel together into Shump’s throne room. As you appear in, he is waiting there with his war chief. They plead with Shump one last time to stand, but he refuses.
  • He tells his war chief to make quick work of them, and exits out a passage in the back of the room. Gareth manages to give chase, but the war chief cuts off your path.
  • Having beaten him once before Heinrich charges in swords flying, but it’s soon clear that he was holding back the last time they met, as with three swift blows he brings Heinrich to his knees and decapitates him. The battle becomes one of wading out time as Moultager falls as well. The remaining party uses their magic to keep out of his way and slowly chip away at him, and set the building on fire in the process.
  • The final blow comes from Urd in the form of a lighting bolt which blasts through the ceiling and directly on top of the war chief. He falls through the hole in the floor, but manages to catch his grip. He gives one last cry before falling into the swamp as the burning wood starts to give way and collapse on top of him.
  • Urd quickly brings Heinrich and Moutlager back to life (Staff of True Resurection 15) as they run out of the building after Gareth and Shump.
  • They catch up to them outside of the town and find Gareth and Shump battling. The two seem to be barely on their feet when Gareth delivers a blow that drops Shump to his knees. They read Shump’s lips as he request for his death. Gareth raises his sword to finish the job, but their is a loud crack throughout the mountains and Gareth drops his weapon, holding onto his hand in pain.
  • The remainder of the orc army came rushing around the walls of the villae and began running for the mountains. Shump quickly got to his feet and joined them, but Kylin cast up a large wall of Force preventing them from running away.
  • They confronted Shump and seemed to be getting through to him that what struck Gareth was a spell of some sort sent out by Marcaus. After the conversation Shump finally seemed to be leaning towards going back to King Rayor, when suddenly he stopped and turned his head to the side, listening to something.
  • In a quick burst Shump made another run for the mountains. The party tried to give chase but a familiar crack filled th air and some force driled into their chests sending them off their feet and into the swamp. Heinrich’s armor held a large dent from the blow.
  • The tried to use several spells to stop Shump’s ecape but each was being dispelled moments after hitting the air, until finally one of them broke through, stopping Shump only a couple undred feet from the base of the mountain.
  • Shump had no choice but to surrender and he and his orc’s were brought in as prisoners to King Rayor. Rayor placed the orc’s in the dungeon and thanked the party again for their loyalty. The group requested to interrogate Shump themselves, but King Rayor deemed that unnecessary. THey could help guard the dungeon if they wished but that was all.
  • As they walked through the main hall they overheard a man who was causing quite some trouble. Edward listened on as the rest went to the dungeon. The man was screaming at the guards:
    “By order of King Dynard I demand to see King Rayor this instant.”


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