Origins of Magic

A Diplomatic Endeavor

Day 7

  • The party immediately stands down to Sir Gareth and they are brought back to see King Rayor. Once there he demands an explanation as to why they broke free from his prison and what they were doing chasing after the archmage.
  • After Edward rants off the parties entire actions up until now the king stands baffled. He tells them all that he does not agree with what they were doing, but that neverthe less he got back Sigmund without any of his men being harmed so he can’t be too upset.
  • The party is allowed to wait round while the king interogates one of Marcaus’ men. THey reort to Gregor and inform him of what hs happened. Gregor is upset by this knowledge but says that he believes you.
  • Once the party return to the castle they are informed that a parchment was found on one of Rayor’s men that incriminates Shump, the orc chief in Krusk, and the stories from Marcaus’ men match this claim. The group is then sent to Krusk to present the parchment to shump and ask him of his activities with Marcaus.
  • The group travels to the swamps of Ruurg to meet up with Shump again. This time they get there and manage to see him with a little bit less trouble then before; However, as they wander through the town they see armor in the local shop which displays Marcaus’ emblem.
  • Once they speak to Shump he outright denies everything that they are laying before him. He claims the parchment is a forgery, despite the king’s best efforts to detect so. He says that the men are clearly trying to fram him.
  • When asked about the armor he states that his men will rummage and sell anything they can come across. It doesn’t mean they’re working with Marcaus, and if anything it means they have killed Marcaus’ men.
  • When told the armor should explode when the wearer dies he begins to get even further agitated by your claims. He says that the armor could have been brought back by any number of men and not knowing anything of the emblem he wouldn’t know it was a problem to sell.
  • When he finishes he demands that you all leave his village immediately. Orc’s are a proud race and he will not hear their claims of treachery any longer.
  • The party complies and returns to King Rayor. He thanks them for their service and tells them that he will send a less diplomatic approach this time. Urd requests what he might mean by this and he simply looks to Gareth then back. “Don’t concern yourself with that.” He will call for them if he needs them again.


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